we couldn't do what we do without our 'good vibe tribe'

Cynthia Trujillo (Cyan)

If you look up forward in the dictionary you may find our CEO’s picture. She’s like a business Wonder Women or Valkerie. She works harder, longer, and faster than anyone on the planet. If you see her on the street she is most likely moving forward. In fact, forward seems to be the only direction she knows. Loves family & friends, all thing Reap & Sow, singing, movies, travel, improv, reading, investing, coming up with new ideas, and leading teams of amazing people. Good instincts recognizing new trends and opportunities…most likely clairvoyant. Click here to find a list of her must must watch movies

Richard Trujillo
Builder + Vision Maker SCORPIO

This guy makes things happen, builds lots of stuff, and has the greenest thumb on the planet. In the Matrix, taught the oracle how to create new blossoms and rainbows. Can bend metal spoons with his mind and fix practically anything!

Andrea K.
Entrepreneur + Skateboarder | ARIES

The sun shines when she is around. She is the hip in chick and effortlessly amazing. This beautiful woman has the biggest heart ever!!!

Caitlin K
SWAMP WITCH Herbalist, Maker, Linguist, USA Vet | Capricorn

We love smart ladies so Caitlyn is a natural. Caitlin can totally speak your language…literally! She speaks a few languages fluently. Plus, like the rest of us she is a reader. Its pretty much known that readers make the best leaders. She super friendly. In fact, she was a sorority sister so you need any makeup tips, style consults or love advice she can probably help you out

Mckenzie F.
Creative Spirit, Quilter, & Neuroscientist | AQUARIUS

This lady is so smart she’ll could probably write the sequel to a brief history of time. She is a creative and loves crafting, and is an avid reader. If you imagine a beautiful girl hoarding books you are not far off from reality. We imagine it would be as hard for Mckenzie to choose her favorite book as it would be a food addict to eat one perfect cookie…yep, not likely to happen. She doesn’t speak movie (yet) but you can’t hold her that against her because she is just so darn likable! Can be found drinking tea, brainstorming cool new things to create, and advancing projects at Reap & Sow. We are lucky Mckenzie shares her cool vibes, effortless style, and friendliness with us and our customers most weekends.

Judith S.
Young Pulse of America | Aries

All young people could take a look at this ladies playbook. She makes things happen and isn’t afraid to work for it. Most likely the moon mother of the next greatest generation. Has great nails!

Theia A.
Time traveler enigma | leo

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Herbalist | tea

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Megan B
Social Media | Brand Management VIRGO

Owner of social media company Localii Known, this kick-ass lady organizes our flow and makes us look amazing! She also plays soccer, loves dogs and is as beautiful inside as she is outside.

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Shipping & Receiving

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Amber B.
Website Coordinator | Libra

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Wendy F.
WordPress guru | Scorpio

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Beauty & Grooming

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Crystal & Energetics

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Naturopathic Doctor

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